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Proper Running Shoes

Increase running efficiency

Scientific research has shown that a person running with a proper pair of running shoes uses a lot less effort and energy compared to those that run barefoot. A major reason for this is the extra cushioning in the shoes. For the barefoot runner, it is necessary to expend more energy and use the leg muscles more because of the missing cushioning.


A well made pair of shoes includes extra protection to avoid issues of discomfort or pain while the feet are under more stress. A midsole section helps to give protection against hard surfaces or objects that are run over. The softer the midsole the greater protection and cushioning it can provide. But, the soft midsole is not the most durable and means it is necessary to replace the running shoes more often.

Controls overpronation

Overpronation relates to rolling the foot too far inwards while running, which also flattens the arch of the foot. It helps to avoid this foot position because it can jar the knee and tilts the

Become a Professional Basketball Player

Get your current priorities in order. Committing yourself to do what it takes to become a professional is no small order. One of the greatest sacrifices you’ll need to make is one of time and how you decide to use it. And the more obligations in your life, the trickier it gets. If you’re in school, you need to work your basketball schedule around classes, homework and studying, not the other way around. You don’t want your grades to slip. You might have work, a family or both. There’s a number of things that can factor in dividing your time. The biggest thing is making sure you understand what’s most important and moving forward from there. Students fail, marriages fail and plans to go pro fail when players allow basketball to overshadow the more important responsibilities. Don’t let that be you. Prioritize your life and work basketball into it.

Work your butt off. This seems like a no-brainer, right? It’s almost as if telling you to work on your game doesn’t need to be discussed. But you’d be surprised

Must Use Volleyball Shoes

The first question I asked was simple. Why are shoes so important? Shoes are some of the most important equipment that you will use. You need to have shoes that have good arch support and keep the foot stable. I know from personal experience that poor support can cause pain in the feet, knees or even the lower back. You also need to make sure that the shoe fits properly so that your foot does not move or shift around inside of the shoe. Not choosing wisely can result in injury.

Next I asked what makes them different. The sport of volleyball puts stresses and wear and tear on certain points of the shoe. For example, the toe area is reinforced which is the first area to wear out on these shoes because of the way your foot drags after serving the ball. The ventilation is also important. Each shoe has been designed with a ventilation system to help keep your feet dry and cool during the game. This helps prevent chafing and reduces the chance of fungus

The Top 10 Premier League clubs represented during the October international break

The following Premier League teams had the most senior players on international duty over the recent October international break:

Liverpool (15)

Trent Alexander-Arnold (England)
Alisson (Brazil)
Fabinho (Brazil)
Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
Joe Gomez (England)
Jordan Henderson (England)
NabyKeïta (Guinea)
DejanLovren (Croatia)
SadioMané (Senegal)
Simon Mignolet (Belgium)
Andrew Robertson (Scotland)
Mohamed Salah (Egypt)
XherdanShaqiri (Switzerland)
Virgil van Dijk (Netherlands)
Georginio Wijnaldum (Netherlands)

Tottenham Hotspur (13)

Toby Alderweireld (Belgium)
Serge Aurier (Ivory Coast)
Ben Davies (Wales)
Eric Dier (England)
Juan Foyth (Argentina)
Son Heung-min (South Korea)
Harry Kane (England)
Hugo Lloris (France)
Lucas Moura (Brazil)
Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
Kieran Trippier (England)
Victor Wanyama (Kenya)
Harry Winks (England)

Chelsea (12)

Marcos Alonso (Spain)
KepaArrizabalaga (Spain)
César Azpilicueta (Spain)
Ross Barkley (England)
Andreas Christensen (Denmark)
Olivier Giroud (France)
Eden Hazard (Belgium)
Jorginho (Italy)
N’GoloKanté (France)
Mateo Kovačić (Croatia)
Álvaro Morata (Spain)
Emerson Palmieri (Italy)

Leicester City (12)

Daniel Amartey (Ghana)
Ben Chilwell (England)
Jonny Evans (Northern Ireland)
Rachid Ghezzal (Algeria)
Kelechi Iheanacho (Nigeria)
Andy King (Wales)
James Maddison (England)
Harry Maguire (England)
Wilfred Ndidi (Nigeria)
Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
ÇağlarSöyüncü (Turkey)
Danny Ward (Wales)

Manchester City (12)

Danilo (Brazil)
Ederson (Brazil)
Gabriel Jesus

The History of Greyhound Racing in Australia

Greyhound breed of dog is raised in Australia as a family pet as well as for racing purposes. Greyhound racing is popular across the country. Around $4 billion is spent every year on greyhound race betting. A majority of online sports betting sites also facilitate users to place bets on such races.

In the New South Wales, this industry generates around $335 million in revenue. More than 10,000 people are employed to train and take good care of dogs.

History of Greyhound Racing

The history of greyhound racing dates back to the 1860’s. However, at that time, sports betting was banned in the country. After the legal reforms were introduced in 1928, betting was legalised. The Dapto Greyhound Club obtained the license in 1936 to manage betting on a national level.

In 1939, the NSW Greyhound Breeders Association was formed. Greyhound betting gained popularity in Australia and new tracks began to open across the country to arrange more racing events.In 1985, a new racetrack opened at Wentworth Park. Since it could accommodate a large number of spectators, it soon became the headquarters of greyhound racing in New South Wales.


Commit to the shot. The way to hit a hockey ball.

There has been a huge rise in the interest in the game of Hockey that has not been seen since the 1988 Seoul Olympics when the Men’s Team GB won a gold medal. This feat has recently been repeated, and in some style by the Ladies team in 2016 and the sport is enjoying a new renaissance with many people looking to take up this ancient game. We know that the game dates back to as far back as Egyptian times as there has been archaeological evidence to show the game being played between to individuals holding the curved hockey stick. We don’t know what the rules were back then, but I’ll bet they could have benefited from watching some Hockey Drill Videos by Let’s see how we can actually hit the ball properly and firstly how we can hold the stick.

Image credit

It’s not just a case of gripping the thing any old how. You need to position yourself correctly otherwise you’ll make a right hash of it. Believe you me there is nothing more humiliating than fluffing the pass of a penalty corner. The ire

Be A Better Baller

Improving your game is actually very simple. What you want to do is practice the fundamentals of basketball daily. Michael Jordan was able to great things on the basketball court because he mastered the fundamentals of basketball.

Doing simple ball handling, shooting, and defensive drills make a big difference when done on a consistent basis.

When you master the fundamentals, your understanding of the game of basketball increases dramatically.

For example, think about when you first learned how to walk. At first, you had to crawl, then you started walking, then you could jog, and then you could run. Eventually you started dancing and now you can play the game of basketball.

The reason you were able to accomplish all those feats is because you mastered the fundamental of walking. You mastered it because you practiced every day without fail. What if you decided to practice the fundamentals of basketball every day without fail?

Target And Eliminate Weakness

Be honest with yourself.

What are your weaknesses?

Identify those weaknesses and attack them daily.

Can you handle the basketball with both hands?

Can you finish at the rim with

Vertical Jump

First day

(sets by reps)

Pistol squats (3x 10)

Depth jumps (3 x 15)

Rim Jumps (4 x 10)

Second day

Bulgarian split squats (3 x 10)

Chair rockets (4 x 15)

Lunge jumps (3 x 15)

(You should alternate day 1 and day 2 every two to three days, depending on what your body is telling you i.e. soreness)

This would a good place to start. Just make sure you’re eating the proper diet afterwards! If you don’t know what to eat, you should look into muscle building nutrition, it’s very basic stuff, but I’ll explain the surface.

Muscle building involves tearing down micro fibres in order to rebuild them stronger than before. So to rebuild them, you need protein. Not only that, there are many other foods you should be eating to speed the process up, and many other foods you should be avoiding that could be hindering your success. Some of these foods are sugar, saturated fats, and according to some individuals, gluten. Stay away from these and eat foods like salmon, broccoli and bananas and you should be good to go. Other than

Hand Pass a Volleyball

Now a hard driven ball is exactly what it sounds like. The ball will be coming towards you at full speed, so you must be ready to dig it instantly. Place your hands up early, in front of your forehead. Note that when you set a ball, you try to make the shape of the ball so you can absorb it, then push it out. However, when volleying a spike it is very difficult to absorb the ball, so instead we place our hands in a flat but firm position.

As the ball comes to you, do not try to absorb it. Instead, push a little towards the ball. The idea here is to not have a “clean” volleyball. If you hear a small thump, that’s a good thing. With a volley-set, you should aim to make contact with the ball at your finger tips. This may not always happen when volleying a hard driven pass and that is OK. Your palm, or fore-fingers may also make contact.

Lastly, it is important that you direct the ball towards where you want it to go. You will most likely not have time to shift your body to

Basketball Rebounding

Practice proper timing. It has been said that the guy with the highest vertical jump is the guy that will get the most rebounds. Now, that can be true at times, but timing is actually a lot more important than jumping ability.

You can have all the hops in the world, but if you have horrible timing, you won’t find much success with grabbing rebounds. If you jump too early you won’t get the rebound, if you jump too late, you definitely won’t get the rebound. So, make sure to always estimate the proper timing of your jump before you decide to just jump in the air and hope to catch a rebound.

The second tip to improve your rebounding is, always box out your opponent. This is a crucial component to successful rebounding. When you box out your opponent you increase your odds of getting a rebound, and you decrease the odds of your opponent getting a rebound.

Boxing out is also used to aggravate your opponent and it can also be used to intimidate softer players who try to avoid physical contact. You need to assert yourself when there are loose ball opportunities.

Basic Skills Used in Volleyball

Passing – Passing is the act of directing a ball coming from the other team in the form of either a serve or other non-attack form of play toward the net where it can be set. Quite often these passes are executed using the forearms (sometimes known as bumping), but they can also be done overhead (at least in the indoor game).

Setting – After a ball is passed (or dug) on the first contact, a second one is used to provide an attackable ball to a hitter. This set is usually executed overhand in the indoor game, though can also be accomplished using a forearm pass. You will see the latter – generally referred to as a bump set – in the beach game quite often where the restrictions on ball-handling are somewhat tighter.

Hitting – Also known as spiking, hitting is the process of attacking the ball into the opponents court. The objective is to score a point by causing the ball to land on the floor or to be played out of bounds by a defending player. This is generally accomplished by jumping and hitting the ball above the height of the net

Get a Better Basketball Shot

BEEF is an acronym that stands for balance, eyes, elbow, follow-through. This is a strategy used everywhere to teach good shoot form and is an extremely effective strategy.

B – Balance

Balance is extremely important when shooting the basketball. A player’s feet should be shoulder width apart when they prepare to shoot. This gives the perfect amount of balance on each side of the body. With the knees bent, one foot should be a little in front of the other. The foot that should be in front is the one that is one the same side as the player’s shooting hand. (If you shoot right handed, your right foot should be a little in front) Not only is this good for your aiming but it gives you a good aspect of where your feet should be pointing, at the basket! From here you should be balance and bent down ready to move on to the next step.

E – Eyes

Bent in position holding the ball, you know need to use to eyes to look at the basket. Yes, this seems like it should go without explanation, however there is a little more to

Time Jump When Trying to Block in Volleyball

Distance off the net

While the biggest timing factor is the hitter’s jump, you need to adjust your block jump based on how far off the net the hitter will be attacking the ball. The further back, the more you must wait to account for the longer time it will take for the ball to reach you. A back row attack, for example, requires a bit of a delay in your jump compared to a ball set tight to the net.

Speed of the hitter’s arm swing

The final little adjustment to timing comes by accounting for how hard the hitter attacks the ball. This is just like adjusting for the hitter’s distance off the net. An attacker with a fast arm swing will get the ball to you quicker than a player with a slow one. As a result, you have to delay a bit for the latter and jump a bit earlier for the former. If you can catch the hitter setting up an off-speed shot, that could also factor into your block timing (or your decision to go up at all).

Commit vs. Read

The jump, distance, and arm swing

Get The Mental Edge On Competition

One way to separate yourself from your competitors is to do the things they refuse to do.

Make sacrifices such as going to sleep early and waking-up early so you can get a jump on the rest of the competition. Those are two things that most people don’t want to do. Who wants to go to sleep early?

Most people don’t even discipline themselves to go to sleep at a specific time every day. Just by doing something as simple as that you can develop your mental toughness and discipline.

If you go to sleep early, you will wake-up early. Waking up early will give you more time to work on your game and study the game of basketball.

Avoid junk food and stay away from anything that doesn’t contribute to your progression as a basketball player (drugs, alcohol, excessive partying, negative people).

Some athletes think because they’re always active, that eating junk food won’t affect them. In some cases that may be true, but if you want to get a slight edge over your competition I recommend you cut junk food out of your diet.

Make an effort to eat vegetables,

Marathon Running For Beginners

Just as a plant-based diet often begins with small steps, such as avoiding meat one meal a day (or one day a week) or eliminating a single kind of meat from your diet, until you’ve actually begun running, it’s totally natural for you to believe you’re not capable of getting in shape to run a marathon.

Only after you have run around the block or survived 5 minutes on the dreaded running machine do you start to recognize your true potential. After settling into a training routine, you get a few 5- and 10ks under your belt, and start to realize that a half-marathon is within your grasp.

I don’t mean to understate the preparation and commitment you need to run a marathon. But while you shouldn’t expect to get there overnight, it’s not as difficult as you might think. There are unlimited resources available to develop your marathon training plan, and first time runners should generally allow from 4-6 months, depending on your condition.

It’s OK if it takes you several months, or years to develop the confidence to sign up for a marathon, as long as you keep moving in a positive direction.

Run a Basketball Practice

The beginning of practice should start with stretching and warming up the muscles. Some coaches have this as a part of the practice right at the beginning, others make it clear to the players this is part of their job and they should warm up before practice and be ready to go right when the first whistle starts. I believe the ladder is more appropriate for older age groups. When it comes to youth practices I think it should be made part of the practice to ensure players are warming up correctly. This warm up could last about 15 minutes and include stretching and running. This will get the heart rate up and hopefully the players can begin to break a sweat. From here, a nice transition into ball handling usually goes well.

Ball handling drills can include one ball or two. Two-ball drill examples would be dribbling two balls at once while standing still and then dribbling two balls while walking/running up and down the court. For any ball handling drills it is important for you as a coach to emphasize looking up while the players dribble. It is important for them to get comfortable dribbling

Hit a Volleyball

There are a few factors to consider when training/learning how to hit a volleyball, also known as an attack or spike. One of those factors is the approach, the “run” towards the ball after it is released from the setter’s hands. First, make sure you are standing behind the ten-foot line with your right foot slightly in front of your left foot and arms down beside you. Next, take a step with your left foot and then another with your right foot. You will then want to plant or hop quickly with your left foot. You can think of it as well as left- right, left. You will want to practice this by starting out slowly and as you get the hang of it, speed it up to a quick “run”. Bend your knees and jump bringing your arms up in the air.

The next factor to consider when hitting a ball is your positioning. Having the correct positioning will make a huge impact on the way you make contact with the ball and hit the ball. The most important detail to having proper positioning is, always, always; keep the ball in front of you. By doing

Shooting The Basketball

Don’t Be The Typical Baller

The typical baller is going to focus all his attention on his three-point shot and neglect all the other shots.

Don’t be the typical baller. Understand the importance of form shooting close to the basket and develop a consistent release.

Practice form shooting about 4 feet away from the basket and focus on consistent form and a smooth release. Keep your eyes on the rim and the ball in line with the eye of your shooting hand. Release the basketball with the same speed and form on every shot attempt.

Also, focus on making a swish shot that doesn’t touch the rim, but instead, falls straight through the net.

Your Form Must Stay Consistent

The best shooters in the world are the best shooters in the world because they have developed a consistent form that never changes no matter how close or far they’re from the basket.

You should be able to drain 20-25 shots in a row 4 feet from the basket. You should even be able to make these shots with your eyes closed. If you can’t make 20 shots in a row when

Reach the Next Level in Running

Fist and foremost is the Foot Strike.

Unless you are up in the wildness or a desert island then you are likely to be a heel-striker. This means that each time your foot comes into contact with the ground you put on the brakes just slightly until your center of mass gets over and past the midfoot. At that point gravity starts helping you again with a vector of force that accelerates your forward momentum free of charge. If you are running fast, the slight deceleration that takes place when your heel hits the ground first is not going to be noticeable. However, in a long race, if you end up very fatigued, the braking action of a heel strike is, well, striking and very noticeable.

So here’s the drill. Go to a track or grass field if you can’t find a track/have access to one and run a lap or two without shoes or socks. I guarantee that you will instantaneously start to land on your midfoot or maybe even slightly forward of it.

This subtracts any braking action that a heel strike would have and immediately converts your running form to its most

Block More Shots In Basketball

Increase Your Vertical Jump

When I was in High School I used to rely mostly on my athleticism to get blocks. At first I didn’t think much of it, but I realized that blocking shots will earn the respect of your teammates and your competition. The opposing team will think twice about throwing up a weak lay-up when you’re lurking around just waiting to send the ball to the other side of the court.

A high vertical jump allows you to get more blocks without having to focus too much on timing and patience. For the average guy, getting a block requires great timing and focus, but when you have hops, you can get blocks despite a lack of focus or timing.

When you can jump out of the gym, getting blocks becomes inevitable. As long as you take defense seriously, you will find yourself getting blocks left and right.


There are two ways to block a shot; in a 1-on-1 situation and in a help defense situation.

In order to get blocks in any of the two situations you need to have good timing. Good timing requires you to play