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Monthly Archives: August 2018

The History of Greyhound Racing in Australia

Greyhound breed of dog is raised in Australia as a family pet as well as for racing purposes. Greyhound racing is popular across the country. Around $4 billion is spent every year on greyhound race betting. A majority of online sports betting sites also facilitate users to place bets on such races.

In the New South Wales, this industry generates around $335 million in revenue. More than 10,000 people are employed to train and take good care of dogs.

History of Greyhound Racing

The history of greyhound racing dates back to the 1860’s. However, at that time, sports betting was banned in the country. After the legal reforms were introduced in 1928, betting was legalised. The Dapto Greyhound Club obtained the license in 1936 to manage betting on a national level.

In 1939, the NSW Greyhound Breeders Association was formed. Greyhound betting gained popularity in Australia and new tracks began to open across the country to arrange more racing events.In 1985, a new racetrack opened at Wentworth Park. Since it could accommodate a large number of spectators, it soon became the headquarters of greyhound racing in New South Wales.

In 2009, a new legislation was passed by the government of NSW. According to this law, Greyhound Racing NSW, also referred to as GRNSW, became responsible to organise racing events across the state.


Greyhound racing has been banned multiple times in the history of Australia. Questions were raised about the ill-treatment of greyhounds. However, these racing events are now regularly held across the country and people also place bets.

Until 1931, it wasn’t allowed to arrange greyhound races in NSW. However, the ban was reversed in 1931 under the new Labour government. This sport was referred to as a working man’s racehorse. However, betting on such events wasn’t allowed until 1970.

In 2015, another major controversy was caused in 2015. Media reports claimed that animals are ill-treated during training. Therefore, the NSW government banned the activity until July 2017. This ban from sports betting on greyhound races was reversed in October 2016 with various conditions.

The organisers were compelled to reduce the number of racing tracks, limit the number of races per year, spend more on the well-being of dogs, and take care of dogs for their entire life even when they couldn’t take part in a race anymore.

Greyhound Racing Today

Sports betting and gambling are the most popular activities in Australia. People spend millions of dollars on betting. Betting websites make it easier to bet on the sports you enjoy the most.

Betting websites offer a signup bonus and also offer attractive discount offers for registered users. This way, you can increase your earnings with the help of your sports knowledge.

Regardless of the fact that greyhound racing has been banned several times throughout the history, it’s one of the most popular sports in the country. You can easily place your bets with the help of an online bookmaker site or by visiting the racing arenas.