Get The Mental Edge On Competition

One way to separate yourself from your competitors is to do the things they refuse to do. Make sacrifices such as going to sleep early and waking-up early so you can get a jump on the rest of the competition. Those are two things that most people don’t want to do. Who wants to go […]


Marathon Running For Beginners

Just as a plant-based diet often begins with small steps, such as avoiding meat one meal a day (or one day a week) or eliminating a single kind of meat from your diet, until you’ve actually begun running, it’s totally natural for you to believe you’re not capable of getting in shape to run a […]


Run a Basketball Practice

The beginning of practice should start with stretching and warming up the muscles. Some coaches have this as a part of the practice right at the beginning, others make it clear to the players this is part of their job and they should warm up before practice and be ready to go right when the […]


Hit a Volleyball

There are a few factors to consider when training/learning how to hit a volleyball, also known as an attack or spike. One of those factors is the approach, the “run” towards the ball after it is released from the setter’s hands. First, make sure you are standing behind the ten-foot line with your right foot […]


Shooting The Basketball

Don’t Be The Typical Baller The typical baller is going to focus all his attention on his three-point shot and neglect all the other shots. Don’t be the typical baller. Understand the importance of form shooting close to the basket and develop a consistent release. Practice form shooting about 4 feet away from the basket […]

Fitness & Athletics

Reach the Next Level in Running

Fist and foremost is the Foot Strike. Unless you are up in the wildness or a desert island then you are likely to be a heel-striker. This means that each time your foot comes into contact with the ground you put on the brakes just slightly until your center of mass gets over and past […]