Basketball Rebounding

Practice proper timing. It has been said that the guy with the highest vertical jump is the guy that will get the most rebounds. Now, that can be true at times, but timing is actually a lot more important than jumping ability.

You can have all the hops in the world, but if you have horrible timing, you won’t find much success with grabbing rebounds. If you jump too early you won’t get the rebound if you jump too late, you definitely won’t get the rebound. So, make sure to always estimate the proper timing of your jump before you decide to just jump in the air and hope to catch a rebound.

The second tip to improve your rebounding is, always box out your opponent. This is a crucial component to successful rebounding. When you box out your opponent you increase your odds of getting a rebound, and you decrease the odds of your opponent getting a rebound.

Boxing out is also used to aggravate your opponent and it can also be used to intimidate softer players who try to avoid physical contact. You need to assert yourself when there are loose ball opportunities. 9 times out of 10, the guy who boxes out his opponent effectively will end up with the rebound.

Lastly, you need to have a high belief that every rebound is yours. That means you need to use your full effort to go and get a rebound regardless of how difficult it may be to actually get the rebound.

Sometimes you can look at the way a shot was taken and realize that the basketball is going to end up in the opposite direction of where you are, but that shouldn’t stop you from boxing out your opponent and making an attempt to get the rebound.