Golf Scores

Golf Scorer Apps For Your Team

Golf is a sport that can be individual and played in teams, which aims to put the ball into all holes by using the club. This sport is considered by many to be a game for the rich mainly because of the high costs, not so much for equipment. It can even be cheap if you buy used materials but have access to the field and until you have played a complete match in the field with 18 holes, time is needed up to 4 hours or more to complete the whole series.

How to play golf?

Golf is played in certain fields for this, consisting of holes 9 or 18, there are also small fields, unprofessional and present at the hotel or something similar might exist between holes 3 and 6. The road between where you start a shot called a tee into a hole is called cruise line This includes various obstacles such as shoals, lakes, trees, different slopes, among others, making all fields different from each other and showing that it is a game that requires lots of techniques and readings situation and route.

How to win golf?

Unlike assessments in other sports that judge the most scores. In golf, the fewer players hit before the ball goes into the hole, then the player has the win. Skill in hitting and determining the direction of the ball is crucial in this section. To play golf, we must first know how to calculate the score of this game. When playing golf, we also usually will be accompanied by a caddy who has the task of supporting ball, sticks and other equipment. Caddy can also carry out the task as our scorer.

Technology for supporting the games

Speaking of calculating scores for golf, now with better technological advancements, we don’t have to bother using paper with wide sheets and making it difficult to carry. Currently, there are applications for Golf-Scoring Features that we can use through our mobile phones or our tablets. This application is very helpful in calculating your golf game score. We only need to enter data when we play golf. In fact, with this application, our golf game records can be saved and we can see how we are progressing in playing golf. We can see the history and we also make it possible to use features such as game analysis and others.


With this score counter application, we are also provided with many modes such as Golf-Scoring for teams, ages and many more. This application is also connected to an internet connection so that you can make your team see the progress of each in every golf game that you and your friends play. In fact, if you are a golf coach, you can also analyze your students’ play. From the analysis in this application, you can see in real-time updates about your students’ play. You can also use this application for official golf matches. With this application, we can also campaign about Go Green by playing golf without using a paper-based score record with a plastic mixture.