Shooting The Basketball

Don’t Be The Typical Baller

The typical baller is going to focus all his attention on his three-point shot and neglect all the other shots.

Don’t be the typical baller. Understand the importance of form shooting close to the basket and develop a consistent release.

Practice form shooting about 4 feet away from the basket and focus on consistent form and a smooth release. Keep your eyes on the rim and the ball in line with the eye of your shooting hand. Release the basketball with the same speed and form on every shot attempt.

Also, focus on making a swish shot that doesn’t touch the rim, but instead, falls straight through the net.

Your Form Must Stay Consistent

The best shooters in the world are the best shooters in the world because they have developed a consistent form that never changes no matter how close or far they’re from the basket.

You should be able to drain 20-25 shots in a row 4 feet from the basket. You should even be able to make these shots with your eyes closed. If you can’t make 20 shots in a row when you’re 4 feet from the basket, do you really think you should be shooting threes?

Once you can hit 25 shots in a row from 4 feet, then shoot from 5 feet, 6 feet, etc…

As you get further down to the mid-range and three-point area, the only thing that should change is the power coming from your legs, your form needs to stay the same.

Fundamentals Will Make Everything A Lot Easier

If you want to get an edge on your competition, you need to do what they’re not doing. Most basketball players get cocky after a while and forget about the importance of mastering the fundamentals.

Go back and watch some films of Michael Jordan, and you will notice how everything he did looked effortless. He was able to make those excellent moves because he mastered the fundamentals.